How to use kijibae nails

How to use Kijibae nails

follow these steps for perfect nails every time.

Step 1: Prep

Rub those hands clean with soap and water, then use the alcohol prep pad to sanitize each individual nail. Every one.

Game-changing tip: 

100% clean hands! That means they’re water-free, lotion-free, and oil-free. 



Step 2: Select your size

Slowly rip off the top film from the nail strips, selecting the strip that matches the size of each of your pretty nails.

Game-changing tip:
Bigger isn’t always better. If you’re unsure, go smaller so your cuticle line doesn’t get covered.



Step 3: Get Applying

Peel off the appropriate gel strip and apply it firmly to your nail, ensuring it is positioned above your cuticle line and skin. Use a wooden stick to push down strips against the cuticle line to prevent lifting. Make that sh*t smooth. 

Game-changing tip:

Avoid covering your cuticle line and the skin on the sides of your finger.



Step 4: Cut and Trim

Shape ‘em up using a nail file to trim and hone in on the perfect shape to match your nail size.

Game-changing tip:

✔ Choose one direction to file. Not back and forth.

✔ Struggling to file the strips with the nail file? Cut with nail clippers or scissors, then trim with a file for easier shaping.

After trimming, ensure the strips perfectly adhere to the tip of your nail.



Step 5: Cure (optional) 

For some extra gloss and a longer-lasting shine, use a gel lamp to cure the nails for 60 seconds. It’s that quick. 

Game-changing tip:

Grab your favorite gel top coat! Before curing, slap on a layer over the strip for the best results.