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  • semi-cured gel nail strips
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80% semi-cured gel nail strips, made of premium gel nail polish. No need to use a UV lamp since the rest 20% can be cured with natural light. Easy to apply and remove. Lasts for 2-3 weeks.

Things are looking up! These adorable teal nails and puffs of white are the second best to the wide-open sky.

22 Semi-cured Gel Nail Strips, Nail File, Wooden Stick, 2 Alcohol Prep pads, Instruction Sheet

Customer Reviews

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I was excited to try these and loved the marbled design. The instructions were clear and straightforward, but in terms of cutting them to size, they kept getting stuck to my clippers or they ripped at odd angles and I had to correct the shape with filing.

They are very tacky when you go to touch things and the edges kept getting hung up on my hair or other things.

Eventually they lasted barely a day (even when following the instructions) and started to lift from my nails. I eventually removed them and tossed them.

One star for the art, another for the idea, one for the ease of not paying a nail salon for custom art. But they don’t last and they need a lot of work.

Patti Buelow
Nail Review

Would have loved to have been able to use the additional free set code that sent to me. I like the nails just wish they were a little more in my price range.

Gentle on my nails

I love having control over my nail health. Kijibae lets me have that and be stylish. No UV, all love!

Effective and easy!!

Kijibae's gel nail strips are great, but heed the prep advice! I didn't, and by the end of the second week, my hair was getting caught between them.

Safe for my nails

Kijibae is my go-to. UV-free, so my nails stay strong and stylish. Why risk damage with other nail strips?