• semi-cured gel nail strips (for mani)
  • semi-cured gel nail strips (for DIY at-home manicure)
  • semi-cured gel nail strips (for DIY at-home manicure)
  • sprinkle, sprinkle (✨✨)

sprinkle, sprinkle (✨✨)

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80% semi-cured gel nail strips, made of premium gel nail polish. No need to use a UV lamp since the rest 20% can be cured with natural light. Easy to apply and remove. Lasts for 2-3 weeks.

Why drizzle confidence when you can make it rain? Elevate your drip with these pink gradient nails featuring a lovely sparkle.

22 Semi-cured Gel Nail Strips, Nail File, Wooden Stick, 2 Alcohol Prep pads, Instruction Sheet

Customer Reviews

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Followed the steps and they stayed on only fow a couple of days and fell off.


Followed all the steps and it did not stay on at all. It started to peel off within 2 hours. I did not have a light to cure it under.


Didn't stick well. Used proper prep and cured, was still losing nails after about a day.

Craig Lind jr
Excited to try them out

Haven't had a chance to try them yet. Looking forward to trying them soon.

great alternative for nails

these gel strips are perfect for those who want their nails done without having to go to a salon and without the hassle of wearing acrylic/press ons. these feel almost like they are barely there. however, i wish that the shape of the thumb nail strips were more square (they don’t cover the bottom corners of my thumb nails) and I see this issue for other people as well. Also, after just one week of wear, the strips are starting to come off at the cuticle area (assuming you continue routine tasks like cooking, cleaning etc) and wish they held stronger. Overall though, I’m satisfied with the nails and I’d say they are good for a week!