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Passenger Princess

Roll down the window and vibe.
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80% semi-cured gel nail strips, made of premium gel nail polish. No need to use a UV lamp since the rest 20% can be cured with natural light. Easy to apply and remove. Lasts for 2-3 weeks.

Someone who looks as good as you deserves to just cruise. These peach and white nails with a non-concentric checkered pattern are perfect for looking cute while changing the radio station in the car.

22 Semi-cured Gel Nail Strips, Nail File, Wooden Stick, 2 Alcohol Prep pads, Instruction Sheet

Customer Reviews

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Customer Service is Horrible

Immediately after my order I contacted the customer service to update my order and they refused saying that it was too difficult to do that so I asked him to cancel it. And ask for a refund. They still send me the product.

Debbie Toledo
Pretty good

Sadly leaving your nails in the sun doesn’t work but the design is very pretty so I’ll buy it again but make sure to have a led light

Buying again

Amazing. I love them so much I have to buy them again. Recommend

Monica Salazar
I'm impressed

Great shipping time and easy application. I was worried about them hardening to quickly but bo issues what so ever

Great for beginners new to gel and press-ons

I rarely ever do my nails and have only used regular nail polish. I've always been intimidated by gel manicures but I decided to try Kijibae and wore them to a wedding. Since I'm a beginner at press-ons in general, it took me about 30 minutes to carefully apply, trim, and file my set but I was pleased with the results. I like the Passenger Princess design because she's minimalist but still cute. Easy and straightforward. Kijibae has lots of very easy-to-understand tutorials. I highly recommend watching those ahead of time so you don't miss any steps or important tips. My nails have lasted 6 days so far, and I think they still have at least 6-10 more days left. The edge of the strip near my cuticle started to get a very slight gap underneath, so my hair gets caught if I'm not careful when putting my hands through my hair (tying ponytail, washing hair). Not sure if this is normal when getting gel manicures or using press-ons in general, but thought I would note that.