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Great question! “Kijibae” is a sassy little word play on the Korean word for “b*tchhhh"!

We wanted something that captured the playfulness and admiration that happenes between besties! You know, the eye-rolling, full-of-love kind! KIJIBAE is serving up bolder, trendier, and downright fearless nail art that will make you want to scream with confidence.

Semi cured gel nails are thin strips of gel polish that come 60-80% cured. Since they’re strips, they’re flexible and can be adjusted to fit your nails while being sturdy enough to remain intact with a UV lamp.

However, KIJIBAE nails are unique as they already come 80% cured (that 20% goes a long way!). Meaning, they are much healthier for your nails since you don't need to use any UV lamp to cure them into place.

Press-on nails, also known as glue-on nails - 

Press-on nails are artificial nails made of acrylic resin with an adhesive sticker or glue that sticks to your nails. These are much more damaging to your nails and can leave them feeling thin, brittle, and parched. Especially if you use the glue to put them on or wear them for longer than one day.  

Semi-cured nail strips-

Semi-cured gel strip are gel nail polish in the form of strips or stickers that already come 80% cured. They are guaranteed to last longer than press on nails and are less damaging to the nails. Since they’re strips, it's also flexible and can be adjusted to fit your nail shape better.

Kijibae nails come 80% semi cured, requiring zero UV lamp which means healthier nails long-term! In addition, our KIJIBAE nails are glossier and thicker thanks to our ultra-special printing technology. Not to mention, these designs are pretty bad-ass, no?

Our strips have the power to  last up to 3 weeks if you follow all our steps and game-changing tips on the instructions sheet. Please check out our ‘ultimate tip guides’ to learn all the tips to have your nails looking amazing for as long as possible!

Each of our bad-ass strips come with 22 different sizes of nail strips and 36 different sizes of pedi strips.

Our gel nail strips have a unique feature - they are already 80% semi-cured, eliminating the need for a UV lamp. The rest of the 20% can be cured with just natural light! However, if you prefer to cure the remaining 20% right away, you can certainly use a UV lamp. Even without UV curing, our gel nail strips can last for 2-3 weeks.

Here are our 5 simple steps on applying our strips!

Step 1:

Prep Those Nails - Wash your hands and use an alcohol pad to clean each nail.

Step 2:

Select Your Size - Slowly rip off the strip size that best fits you.

Step 3:

Get Applying - Peel off the appropriate sized gel strip and apply it firmly to your nail, ensuring it is positioned above your cuticle line and skin. Use a wooden stick to push the strips on to your nails.

Step 4:

Cut & Trim - Shape ‘em up using a nail file to trim and hone in on the perfect shape to match your nail size.

Step 5:

Cure It (Optional)- For some extra gloss and a longer-lasting shine, use a gel lamp to cure the nails for 60 seconds. But, this is completely optional. Our gel nails will last up to 3 weeks even without the UV lamp.

Don’t rip off those strips! Using the wooden stick provided with our package, gently lift up the nail strips off your nail beds. It's best if you use our Strip it Away Remover (launching soon!) for easier removal with less nail damage. 

Kijibae nails are already 80% cured, so they're almost at their prime. That means any additional sunlight can harden them further.  To avoid the strips from hardening, store them away from sunlight, ideally back in their package and tucked away in a drawer or closed area.

If you forgot to store them away and the strips have already hardened, you can try blow drying the strips on hot air, a couple inches away from the strips to try softening them back up again.

You can't reuse the strips you used already, although, since our package come with 22 strips(or 36 for pedi), you could use more than one time, as long as they have been kept faarrrr away from sunlight and in their packages! However, if for some reason, the strips have hardened when you try to reuse them, try blow drying the strips on hot air, a couple inches away from the strips to soften them back up.

We recommend trimming the strip matching your nail length if you are not going to cure with a UV lamp, since our strips are not hard enough to stay as it is without support from your nail.

However, you can
1. use our strips on nail tips if you would like press-on look for longer and well-shaped nails, or

2. check out how you can do extension using our Kijibae nails on ULTIMATE TIPS page.

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Don’t worry! We’ve got you and we’ll make it right. 

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