Welcome to Kijibae World


A sassy word play meaning "b*tchhh" in Korean, capturing the playfulness and affection between besties

We’ve revolutionized how you achieve flawless nails from the comfort of your home. Say peace to traditional nail strips or press-ons.

  • 1.

    Real gel polish

    Honey, we don't mess around with cheap immitations. This is salon-level stuff.

  • 2.

    80% semi-cured

    the rest of the 20% will be cured with natural lights meaning no need to cure. NO damaged nails.

  • 3.

    We have the layers: 5, to be exact

    From base to top coat, Kijibae got everything for your pretty nails.

  • 4.

    a perfect fit

    Our killer, innovative dome shape fits comfortably & precisely On your nails.

  • 5.

    breathable bliss

    our material has high oxygen transmission rate so nails can stay comfortable.