How to use kijibae nails

Long lasting tips

Embrace these tips and watch your Kijibae nails rock the spotlight for a fabulous 2-3 weeks!

Tip 1: Push back your cuticles

Before applying the sticker, gently push back your cuticles using the wooden stick. If you have a cuticle softener, go ahead and use it along with the wooden stick.

Tip 2: Swipe with an alcohol pad, in and out

Grab an alcohol pad and give not only your nails but your entire fingers a swipe. This ensures oils from your fingers won't interfere with the sticker application.

Tip 3: Handle with Care

While wearing your semi-cured magic, avoid heavy-duty handwork. Remember, our stickers are 80% cured, and that remaining 20% needs its sweet time to solidify. During this period, they might scratch or smudge. Also, stay away from water for about two hours, allowing the sticker to fully embrace your finger.

Tip 4: UV Lamp Magic

Consider curing with a UV lamp and adding a clear gel on top if you have one. While curing isn't a must, it does speed up that remaining 20% hardening process in just a minute. And for that extra 'wow,' coat the sticker with a layer of clear top gel, then cure. This not only boosts longevity but also adds that lustrous gloss we all love.