How to use kijibae nails

Nail extension tips

For baes who like longer nails, Kijibae Strips are here to transform your DIY nail journey.

Materials Needed: Kijibae nail strips, UV lamp, builder gel, clear top gel

Step 1: Stick with Style

Apply the sticker and set the foundation for stunning extensions.

Step 2: Shape It Up

Before curing, sculpt the ideal shape to maintain that perfect strip silhouette. Skipping this step can result in a flattened extension.

Step 3: 60 Seconds to Brilliance

Cure under a UV lamp for 60 seconds. While curing, ensure it hardens in your desired shape. Regularly check and adjust, as the curing process not only sets but also solidifies the shape.

Step 4: Trim to Perfection

Cut the sticker to your preferred length. We recommend an extra 1-3mm, no more. For that finishing touch, use a nail file to perfect the shape if needed.

Step 5: Build It Right

Apply builder gel to the top of the strip for a luxurious thickness.

Step 6: Power of the Lamp

Cure with a UV lamp for 60 seconds. Depending on your lamp's strength, it might require more than 60 seconds or the builder gel might not cure completely. Opt for a lamp with 9 watts or more.

Step 7: Swipe to Shine

Using an alcohol pad, remove any excess gel from the strip. It might still be slightly sticky due to the nature of the builder gel. Remember, this step is essential post-curing.

Step 8: Top It Off

Apply a clear top gel for that dazzling finishing touch.

Step 9: Final Cure

Back under the UV lamp for another 60 seconds.

Voilà! You're Ready to Rock: Behold your gorgeous, hard-as-nails extensions!